Guidance In Your Intuitive Development and Spiritual Path

Spiritual Guidance and Mentorship – Ryen is available for mentorship in your intuitive development as well as guidance in your spiritual path. She will help you develop your intuition, decipher your spiritual experiences and gifts, work through your fears, support you in your spiritual awakening, and in helping build connection with your soul’s path.  She will work with your personal experiences and interests to create the guidance best suited for you. In continuous mentorship, you will receive customized teachings, practices, and activities suited for your individualized path. She is dedicated towards helping everyday people, those new or experienced in spirituality, and fellow empaths in awakening, opening more fully, and in finding alignment and grounding in their spiritual and intuitive development. She believes in the importance and birthright of developing one’s intuition and that the awakening and alignment to our soul’s path is our true purpose.

Mentorship is done over video chat and available from any distance. You will start with a free consultation to discuss your needs and goals and how this work might help. I will also take that time to access if we are in alignment and together, we will decide if this work is the right fit for you. From there, a custom program will be set up that will work towards actualizing your intuitive and spiritual development.

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