Guidance In Your Intuitive Development

Intuitive Development Mentorship – I am available for mentorship in intuitive, psychic, and mediumship development. I help you develop a strong and clear connection with your intuition, help you discover and develop your psychic and mediumship abilities, aid you in deciphering your spiritual experiences and gifts, help you work through your fears, and support you in your growing spiritual path. I work with your personal experiences and interests to create the guidance best suited for you. In continuous mentorship, you receive customized teachings, practices, and activities suited for your individualized interests and path. I am dedicated towards helping everyday people, those new or experienced in spirituality, as well as fellow empaths. I help you towards awakening, opening more fully, and finding alignment and grounding in your spiritual and intuitive development. I believe in the importance and birthright of developing one’s intuition and that we all are born with the capacity to connect deeply within ourselves, as well as with spiritual forces and non-physical forms of consciousness.

Mentorship is done over video chat and available from any distance. You will begin with a free consultation to discuss your needs and goals and how mentorship might help. I will take that time to access our potential for alignment and attunement towards a successful mentor relationship. Then together, we will discuss if mentorship is the right fit for you. A custom program is then set up that will work to best suit your needs. To make an appointment for a free mentorship consultation, click the booking button below.

Intuitive Development Classes – I also offer ongoing classes both in person and online that are available to help one develop their intuitive, and/or psychic and mediumship abilities. If you are interested, please contact the email below to receive info on the next available class or you can check for any upcoming events and classes here. I also offer classes or courses to home circles around the Denver/Boulder area. If you and your friends/community are interested in a course hosted in your home, please inquire via the email below and a custom class can be designed just for you. Home circles are a time tested tradition that bring light, learning, and divine connection to the heart of your community.

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